After the death of a loved one, their estate needs to be settled. Creditors have to be paid and assets transferred to their heirs. There are several factors that will determine how this process works, such as how the assets are owned, the size of the estate, whether the assets have a surviving beneficiary, etc.  

Settling an estate can be a complicated process that requires experienced legal representation to guide the executor through this process. An executor of an estate and a trustee of a trust is held to the highest legal standard by law and there are many traps for the unwary We offer legal and practical advice to executors and trustees throughout the administration process to minimize risk and limit family conflict for what can be a volatile situation. We are also mindful that our client may want to reduce their legal fees in our representation whenever possible, so we advise clients how they can make decisions and take action themselves if they have the time and ability to do so.



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